Site evaluation


Landscape evaluations are more than just observing  plant material. They involve an inspection of the entire irrigation system. Every zone needs to be visually inspected while in operation. An evaluation will provide the data to create a detailed report on the condition of the entire system.

Jeff Jurickovich, owner Grounds Management of Hawaii, has been in the landscape irrigation business for over 30 years. He has managed large commercial sites including several government agencies.  

Utilizing SMART irrigation controllers and on-site weather stations, establishing irrigation system precipitation rates and determining specific plant water requirements will reduce water use. Replacing only the required percentage of water lost through Evapotranspiration (ET) will not only save you money on your water bill but also provide optimum conditions for your landscape.


Recommendations will be made on how to reduce water usage while providing a better environment for your landscape. Utilizing SMART irrigation controllers, efficient nozzles, and professional management water usage can be greatly reduced. 

New irrigation technology

Irrigation management technology has significantly advanced within the last 5 years. SMART controllers have become the standard. Local weather conditions  establish run times on a daily basis. App based software allows for  remote management and immediate alerts sent via text/email of system alarms. Work orders can then be created and sent to the responsible person. 

Remote management

Irrigation systems can be monitored and managed via smart phone, tablet or desktop. Our professional irrigation management is now available for both commercial and residential. This allows us to remotely manage systems which  provide property owners  a professional management option. 


An average of 60%-70% of water use goes to landscapes. In my observations most landscapes waste 30-50% of there landscape water due to outdated systems, broken lines and poor management. An updated system with professional water management can greatly reduce water usage. System improvements will significantly reduce water bills, while providing optiminun conditions for plant material.


Not wasting water is one aspect of sustainable landscapes. Several other factors become involved in the condition of an irrigation system. Broken lines lead to erosion, hardscape damage, and deteriorating plant health. Water conservation is is only going to increase in the future. 


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